• 100


    digitized documents

    CDIA + compliance

  • 50


    microfilmed documents

    Ministry of Justice compliance

  • 250


    boxes of documents in custody

    CONARQ compliance with RFID technology

  • 70


    images in custody

    Compliance on the client’s backup site, in a data center environment with geographic replication

  • 500


    records processed into cubes with three-dimensional searches

    Dashboards and compliance with result reports using BIG DATA and DATA WAREHOUSE technology

For Your Company

Comp Line offers customized and high-tech services for your company.

Archival Consultancy

Archival Consultancy

Consulting work on the development of classification projects and temporality tables in order to allow the client the control of its document collection in a more dynamic and efficient way in the search for information.

Working Steps:

  • Diagnosis of the files;
  • File Plan Preparation;
  • Archival documents of production planning;
  • Consulting in evaluation and allocation of documents;
  • Quality control of document management;
  • Training of employees;
  • Work will be carried out in accordance with CONARQ rules (CONARQ - National Council of Archives);
Tratamento Técnico de Acervo

Treatment Of Collection

It is a fact that the most important capital of an organization is Information. Knowing that, Comp Line makes use of principles, standards, various techniques and procedures, which are implemented in the approach of composition, collection, analysis, identification, organization, processing, development, publication, circulation, storage and retrieval of information.

The technical treatment consists of:

  • Current Document Management;
  • Treatment of compiled collection;
  • Sanitization of documents;
  • Custody of collections;
  • Document digitalization;
  • Microfilming of documents;
  • Development and customization of solutions for Information Technology;
Digitalização de Documentos

Document Digitalization

The digitalization of documents is an important part of the process for companies, as well as significantly contribute to the intelligent reduction of paper and prevent the loss of documents in physical formalities, this feature is essential for the development of the Documents Electronic Management - DEM.

Presented benefits:

  • Organization, capture and indexing of information;
  • Recognition of multiple fields and characters using OCR, ICR OMR, Forms Recognition;
  • Auto automated recognition rate;
  • Greater sharpness in the access of information search;
  • Preservation of the physical;
  • Reduction of copies;
  • Reduction in the loss of documents.


The Microfilm Section of Comp Line is responsible for the application of high-quality technology, making the collection of document images by photographic processes, developing, duplicating and storing the original and microfilm copies in safe places.

Presented benefits:

  • The current legislation provides authenticity, integrity and legality;
  • Can be replaced by the original;
  • Low cost;
  • Reduces physical space for storage;
  • Stored properly, preserving original content is invaluable.
Custódia de documentos

of Documents

The Comp Line Archive Sector performs services of storage and protection of public and private institutions files, providing specialized physical infrastructure consistent with the appropriate technical standards for the conservation of documents and prevention of accidents. The files are kept in a prepared, air-conditioned environment, and handling is carried out by professional experts in the field in a ready structure.

Presented benefits:

  • Storage safety;
  • Preservation of original documents;
  • Provision of electronic documents;
  • Gain space in your environment;

Customer Service

The customer service sector aims to facilitate dialogue between the citizen and the company. Through its service channel, the company receives and responds to events in the form of suggestions, compliments, requests, complaints and criticism about the policies and services provided here.

Portabilidade, Emissão e migração de fundos de previdência

Portability, Issue and migration of pension funds

In the Welfare System segment, Comp Line has been accumulating for several years an absolute experience in this market, allowing the performance of a management operation at excellence levels, working in both the Open and Closed Pension markets, with emissions of plans, certificates maintenance, transfer of funds between investment funds, portability of resources between entities, booking rescue and claims/benefits processes. As you can see, Comp Line has total control in the many activities involving these operations, enabling them to work from beginning to end, i.e. from the plan issue until the process of payment of a claim/benefit.

Locação de profissionais especializados

Allocation of
Specialized Professionals

The Allocation of Professionals service from Comp Line provides the availability of specialized teams under the customer’s management. We offer this service in a different way, turning it into a supervised allocation.

Pré regularização de sinistros de vida

Pre Settlement of Life Insurance Claims

The process of pre settlement life insurance claims works in the following steps:

  • Checking the cover pled on the claim;
  • Send letters to the insured person informing the necessary documentation for the service or the refusal of the claim;
  • The creation of claim process documents;
  • Reception control of the documents that make up the claim;
  • Assessment of all the pages in the claim;
  • Entering data in the legacy systems of the insurer;
  • Monitoring payments and release of reserve funds from the suspension;
  • Making telephone calls stating the need for additional documentation or suspension of claim;
  • Control of the processes referred to medical care;
  • Claim analysis and statement of acceptance/negative in the form of technical report;
Venda , adesão e transferência de consórcio

Sale, Adhesion and
Consortium Transfer

In the consortium segment, Comp Line is increasingly expanding its business in BPO. Currently, we have three of the most important operations of the Business Unit (BU), which are: membership compliance, quota transfer and stopping the disposal of the property.
Customização de Software

of Software

Make use of the full potential of the software that your organization has purchased or develop your solutions from scratch based on your unique requirements. Software that are rich in functionality usually come with generic settings to cover the largest possible number of requirements, making possible the development of software solutions on a large scale by the manufacturers. The problem with this approach is that the preconfigured generic features are too superficial to meet the specific needs of each company, shortchanging the most powerful features with the greatest potential to leverage the productivity of your organization. Comp Line has a team of developers able to help you get the most out of your investment in assets and software services.

Protecting information and organizing processes.

Exclusive Products

All of our systems are customized according to the services and routines relevant to the client’s business.

Prover Documents


Prover Documents

Thinking about the quality of information management in organizations, Comp Line developed the Provide Documents software. The tool ensures document compliance of clients in accordance with current legislation, ensuring a conscious disposal following the document temporality table.

The solution enables efficient control of all documents generated by the many actors of organizations, including electronic and/or physical documents. With this all the information is centralized in a single point of access ensuring operational efficiency. Every document tree can be configured, including the link between the documents, for example we may have an account opening process with the checklist of documents associated (CPF, Proof of address, certificates, etc.)

The system allows the configuration of the "fields" of documents and validations rules, this way we have a concise and reliable database. Another possibility is the creation of templates and standard forms generated automatically in the system such as letters. It is worth emphasizing that the user itself can sign the digital documents.


  • Custody of digital files;
  • Versioning of documents;
  • Audit Trail;
  • Access control to documents;
  • Setting document type (temporality, categorization);
  • Metadata configuration (typed, data group, validations rules);
  • Digital signature;
  • Electronic models generation (letters, forms);
  • Billing based on cost center;
Preview: Prover Documentos
Preview: Prover Documentos

Prover Collection


Prover Collection

The main objective is to control, store and efficiently locate boxes and documents. With highly innovative technologies through mobile devices and RFID our solution tends to be one of the most efficient on the market, it makes the requests and the time of service clear to the client, ensuring compliance of the SLA contracted.

With the use of mobile technology, the system controls, in real time, any operator interaction and the boxes, preventing fraud and even ensuring that if a document leaves the box, and when it is returned it goes back to the same source box.

The RFID assists in the inventory of the shed because through Radio Frequency, we do not need to move the boxes for reading. Studies show that this technology is up to 10 times more effective than the bar code. In our case, we work with a very high volume of cases, we perform frequent inventory of our sheds. That’s another unique advantage over our competitors.


  • Storage Module (batch, box, microfilm, bookcase, shelf, pipes);
  • RFID for control and monitoring of the boxes;
  • Loan Module via Website/Mobile;
  • SLA control in the service.


  • Document Custody;
  • Custody of Microfilms;
Preview: Prover Acervo
Preview: Prover Acervo

Prover Protocol


Prover Protocol

Ensure the location of documents, as well as the procedures involved in its life cycle. Narrowing the communication between users facilitating the acceptance/rejection of documents in real time, optimizing your workflow.


  • Electronic Protocol;
  • Procedures Control;
  • Accept/Reject;
  • Chat online in the system to facilitate communication;
  • SMS;
  • Real-time monitoring (envelopes);
Preview: Prover Protocolo
Preview: Prover Protocolo

Prover Data Science


Prover Data Science

Organizations need knowledge and management information that corroborate the decision-making process. In this group, the Business Intelligence System (BI) is the tool used to identify, extract, standardize, consolidate and illustrate data that supports the transformation of the raw data of the company in understandable and meaningful information for future analysis, helping the company create new strategies for your business. Thus, we offer our customers and partners all the tools and methodologies used in BI system in order to make the decision-making process something concise and efficient, adding value and knowledge to your organization.


  • Business Intelligence (BI);
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mining;
  • Geolocation;


  • Software Customization;
Preview: Prover Data Science
Preview: Prover Data Science

Prover Images


Prover Images

With this solution we can process large volumes of information from multiple data sources, such as scanned images, e-mails, files. With a high of automation we deliver results quickly and with quality guaranteed.

This solution enables a quick and accurate indexing. Our software recognizes for example, if a proposal was signed by the client or a test template for colleges or even all printed or written words of a lawsuit. There are several ways to optimize your business, and our solution can be integrated with any software that provides API or service to it.

In a Data Center structure we store your images or files quickly and safely, ensuring audit logs access. With replication and backups, ensuring a SLA of 99.9% availability. The images are stored in a Data Center, in national borders to ensure compliance with the laws of our country.


  • Document processing (OCR, OMR, Forms Recognition, Full Text, ICR);
  • E-mail, folders Import (PDF, JPG, TIFF, Excel, Word);
  • Notes (Redaction, Highlighter);
  • Integration with scanners from various manufacturers (Kodak, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Canon);
  • Access Control to the images (auditing, access control);
  • Custody of Images (Datacenter);
  • Export of Images (PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG);;


  • Digitalization of documents, microfilming and archival processing;
Preview: Prover Imagem
Preview: Prover Imagem

Prover Corporate


Prover Corporate

Allows management and centralized mapping of all units that are part of the operational process of the institution. This structured dynamics enables the chart mirroring of the company and partners. Several boards, managements, sales stations, baking correspondents, franchises, agencies and so on, can be configured. The customer can configure in the way that it is required by the business.

Another interesting aspect is the integrated security with the hierarchy of the company. For example, executives connected to the board can have access to all information related to their managements or subordinate units automatically through the system. To ensure the integrity and security of the information the system has several great security procedures, combining concepts of authentication, authorization and encryption.


  • Companies and partners who are part of the business;
  • Units (sectors, boards, sales stations, branches, banking correspondents);
  • Security (authentication, authorization and encryption);
Preview: Prover Corporativo
Preview: Prover Corporativo

Prover RFID


Prover RFID

RFID technology - Monitoring through Radio Frequency Identification - consists of a microchip attached to an antenna, with a unique identifier and information storage capacity. All objects tagged with RFID can be read and monitored in real time through specific equipment integrated into the web software, customized to the needs of each client.


  • High availability and performance;
  • Allows the reading of hundreds of labels at once and over large distances;
  • Uses a flexible customization system;
  • Greater control indication and evaluation fidelity;
  • Provides more accurate and complete information of the monitored objects, control and management of connections in real-time;
Preview: Prover RFID
Preview: Prover RFID

Our Story

Created in 1996, COMPLINE has sought excellence over time, always with the goal of delivering to the market technological innovation combined with the best management practices and commitment to the environment, promoting continuous improvement processes and adding more value to the solutions and services presented, providing to our customers satisfaction, reliability, transparency and efficiency in document management and outsourcing processes.

Our Values

  • Engage the customer, satisfying their needs of time and costs with creativity, quality and competence;
  • Continuous growth through the training of its professionals and improvement of services and solutions offered;
  • To monitor technological developments in the market and aggregate productivity and quality differentials;
  • Value and respect employees and act as a facilitator of personal and professional growth;


  • The long-standing partnership with Microsoft, since 1999, is of fundamental importance because it provides the necessary expertise for the development of robust and reliable software in a scalable platform through global Data Centers. Our professionals have more than 30 certifications in Microsoft technology.

  • Modernization and administration of document collection, including document processing, digitalization and development of applications that work via secure internal network and provide access to the image collection.

  • RENATO ARCHER CENTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - CTI, is a research unit of MCTI whose objectives include the organization of projects and research, development and innovation. Comp Line and CTI promote joint activities of research, development and innovation.

  • Our professionals are certified by this industry association that dictates good practices and standards to be adopted for projects in several areas of the industry.

  • Partners since 2014, I.R.I.S. is a company of the Canon group and leads the European market in the document capture industry, this partnership is likely to strengthen the company's performance in government and Small and Medium size companies areas.

We are a reference in information management
and document processing.


Our clients are the reason for the existence of Comp Line. Be able to contribute with each of them is our mission.

  • Cliente: Caixa Seguradora
  • Cliente: Eletrobras - Eletronorte
  • Cliente: Banco do Brasil
  • Cliente: Neoenergia
  • Cliente: FNDE - Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento da Educação
  • Cliente: Prodasen
  • Cliente: Infraero Aeroportos
  • Cliente: Polícia Federal

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